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Jason Burrill

Accomplished Actor

Jason is known for his work on The Serpent (2018), The Dark Return of Time (2017), Essex Vendetta (2016), Stranger in the Worlde (2017 and being a body double in James Bond - Spectre (2016) & Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


Business Information

Jason is a businessman, owning a number of Hair Salons and a property development business in the South of England. Jason also buys and sells super-cars.

About me

Personal Life

Jason is currently single and spends most of his spare time supporting charities up and down the country, usually taking his much loved pet, Clio with him to events.

Jasons Charitable Projects

What people are saying about Jason

Jason helped us a great deal while we were away and as a genuine dog lover who wants to help animals we are thrilled to have his support. He is a really super guy so it’s no surprise that he won Big Brother too.”

Victoria and Pola - Founders of K9 Angels Charity

We were incredibly pleased to have Celeb FC at our Charity Ball, this included Jason Burrill, who not only attended, but was extremely generous when the Auctions were taking place, he really helped as more than £50,000 was raised at the event ,

Rachel Clancy - Founder - Ask Albie - Essex Childrens Charity

Jason is such a wonderful person, nothing is too much trouble for him. He has assisted Celeb FC with fundraising for many small UK charities, from appearing at events to taking his place on the team as Goalie. Celeb FC is very proud to have him on board..

Karin Flower - Celeb FC - Celebrity Fundraising Football Team Founder

The number of children who need our care is increasing, our care costs continue to rise and fundraising has proved extremely challenging this year, “There are so many people who have been involved with the Ball and I would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to each and every one of them on behalf of all of us at Chestnut Tree House – their support is absolutely amazing and very much appreciated.”

Sarah Arnold - Head of Fundraising, Chestnut Tree House

Re - Twilight Mascots Charity Event - "Jason is such a nice man, Good on you"

Mick Flynn - Salvage Hunter - Essex
Ambassador - Jason Burrill

K9 Angels

K9 Angelswas founded in 2012 by Singer Pola Popieszalska; former model Victoria Eisermann & presenter Anneka Tanaka. Their vision was to relieve the suffering of animals worldwide, but particularly in Eastern Europe, Cyprus & Asia, Anneka left the charity in 2014 & has since founded independent animal based projects, however Victoria & Pola remain active with K-9 Angels & campaign to help save all animals from persecution & cruelty. The K9 Angels fund-raise & rely totally on public donations to continue their vital work in helping the dogs & providing shelter food & veterinary care for homeless & helpless dogs & puppies.

Jason Burrill - BBUK Winner

Big Brother UK - 2016

Jason Burrill was crowned the winner of Big Brother 2016. Making it to the final alongside Hughie Maughan, he claimed the grand prize of £90,000 after 50 days in the house. When he spoke to Emma Willis after the final, Jason appeared completely over-awed at his win. The last 6 were Hughie Maughan, Jackson Blyton, Jayne Connery, Evelyn Ellis, Jason Burrill & Andy West, who all survived the previous 49 days in the Elstree compound. Jason said he enjoyed being part of the group who were there, made some great friends and enjoyed taking part in tasks.<br /> Jason has always said he was completely himself whilst on the show.

Charity Events

Chestnut Tree House Hospice

Jason attends many events to support the Chestnut Tree House Hospice in Sussex. The photo above is from a recent Charity Golf Day, which are always well supported, especially from well known names, such as Jim Davidson, John Virgo & Bobby Davro - Jason's friends, the amazing Paul & Annette Jones do a huge amount of work with him and the charity throughout the year. Chestnut Tree House is the children’s hospice for East and West Sussex including Brighton and Hove & cares for 300 children & young adults from 0-19 years of age with progressive life-shortening conditions. Click links for info

Hollywood Movie Role

The Dark Return of Time

Flavian Bennett is trying to leave his past behind when he goes to work in a bookshop in Paris. But a curious customer, Reginald Hopper, believes that a rare & mysterious book, The Dark Return of Time, may be the key to what happened before he arrived in Paris. This is a a great mystery thriller movie based on the book by R.B. Russell where the futures and pasts of the characters collide, proving the past doesn’t always stay where it should! Jason Burrill appears in this title, which shot predominantly in France in 2016, alongside Russian supermodel Gia Skovia and Hollywood actor Eric Roberts.